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import from SC 8.1 with SC 9.4.18

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  • import from SC 8.1 with SC 9.4.18

    has anyone tried to import any of the 8.1 version into the 9.4.19 version? I have been trying for days but I can't, only a part of the project matters.

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    Support should be able to help you with this if you have a support subscription.

    If you have license keys for older versions of SC I would load them up and then slowly upgrade the project one step at a time.
    8.1 to 9.4 is a pretty big jump to make, stuff is going to get lost.
    Maybe do 8.1 to 9, then to 9.4?


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      hi, I have a contract and after 3 days of trying we finally managed to import it. I had to send them my project, they imported it in their version and then exported it and passed it to me. I had already imported the project without problems in the past and I imported many others without problems, but this which contained two versions always lost what I had done in version 2. I think in the past two years SC and his staff is making disasters