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ScriptCase v8.1.042 (2016-07-04 14:44)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.042 (2016-07-04 14:44)

    Specific correction

    - Fixed "Invalid Data" message when using a Grid with links, running from a filter application with iframe.
    - Fixed issue with modal from RUN buttons within Grid applications.
    - Fixed issue when using a date and time field and Multiupload in the same application.
    - Fixed Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ' $this ', in fields update link table.
    - Fixed glitch in the records selection from the run button if in processing the button "RUN" a new record was included.
    - Fixed issue in sc_master_value macro when used without Master/detail.
    - Fixed issue when using connection when the primary key of the table is datetime type.
    - Fixed issue when inserting record in a form opened in an iframe linked to a Grid application.
    - Fixed problem when accessing applications through the menu on mobile devices.
    - Fixed problem in the LDAP security module without selecting the option "Protect logged users".
    - Fixed issue when inheriting the labels and hints of the form buttons in a iframe link from a Grid app.
    - Fixed issue when using HTML codes in the fields' label.

    Performance improvement

    - TCPDF library updated (Need to update production environment).


    - Fixed issue in sc_redir macro documentation using modal target.
    - Fixed issue in Dictionary access permissions for Scriptcase users.
    - Fixed issue in error messages titles generated by sc_error_message and sc_error_exit macros.
    - Fixed problem in the treatment of special characters passed as parameter via the sc_redir macro.
    - Fixed search form, autocomplete fields when the data was with special characteres and configured to not use the case sensitive option.
    - Fixed issue in the refined filter search containing special characters. Protected the characters: +, & and %.
    - Fixed problem in the form printing using pages.
    - Fixed problem with manual lookup whitn Duble Select fields in the Search module from Grid application
    - Fixed Javascript error when running an application from the link "Exec".
    - Fixed issue when using background image on the onmousedown event in buttons CSS.
    - Fixed "Invalid Data" message when using Grid with "refresh interval" and "enable direct call by the URL" options within the Security settings.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    Netmake - IT Solutions