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    Re: ScriptCase 6 News

    Hi Bernhard,

    I have to confirm that the security-module seems to be very buggy and also has some points which seem not to be secure.
    • [li]there is "app_form_sec_groups_apps" always giving an error: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given | Script: XY:my_pathScriptcasev6wwwrootscriptcasedevelclassgenerator
      mFontePHPForm.class.php linha: 11942
      [li]the email variables, set during installing the security module, are not 100% written to the target: $mail_smtp_user = 'scriptcase'; // SMTP user name $mail_smtp_pass = 'netmake';// SMTP password[/li]
      [li]why are these data written to each file it uses. Each app has the method send mail message, where these data are stored. Why not a project method in the library, now, we have to change it everywhere, after finding it. In my opinion this is complicate ab insecure[/li]
      [li]Everything to retrieve the password ends to: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in XY:my_pathScriptcasev6wwwrootscriptcaseappV6_Testa pp_retrieve_pswdapp_retrieve_pswd_apl.php on line 1212[/li]
      [li]Groups/Applications setting the privs is not always possible, some forms are possible to set priv access, priv insert, priv delete ... some forms only allow access, but give full rigths.[/li]
      [li]Groups/Applications saving works everywhere i tested, but leaving that app with close tells me: Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /my_path/scriptcase/app/V6_Test/app_form_sec_groups_apps/$this->nm_location on this server. [/li]
    So long my short tests with the new security model. Got to say I really like the idea behind that, but in the moment it seems to be unusable. Security Module V5 converted to V6 works. Same like Security model (!) of V4. But in the moment I am not really sure if it is a good idea to work with V5 Module in V6, still testing.

    Converted Date fields have less attributes than the new ones: Internal Format is missing . There also seem to be problems with the Display Calendar, which does not work correctly for me.

    Small suggestion for the future releases, would be great to have an attribute in fields, which sets the field privileges as visible/invisible or a special mask according to the users-group.

    Please force pdf-creation without JRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

    OK, I will return testing ;-)




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      Re: ScriptCase 6 News

      hello Bernhard when i create security on sc6 error like this :
      app_form_sec_groups_apps -> doesnt succes to generate (red bullet)



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        Re: ScriptCase 6 News

        anychart on ubuntu work again, i replace folder anychart on sc6 with anychart sc5....


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          Re: ScriptCase 6 News

          thanks for fixed anychart on sc6,,,,back to anychart sc6 again


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            Re: ScriptCase 6 News

            when creating the security module ScriptCase 6 all fine but when I need to assign privileges to the group in which the user belongs I can not because I can not be saved only modify privileges in the application only to the group administrator but when I create the users group can only add data in some applications the data is not stored pressed save but not saved
            help is very important please


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              Re: ScriptCase 6 News

              old topic but still a problem.

              I trying to use the "Navigation by Page" in a editable Grid - form - no problem, works great !
              If i put this form in a container, i could go to the pages, but could not return ! the last values of last rows could be seen, no chance to go back to the first rows !! Seems as this is a BUG !!


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                Re: ScriptCase 6 News

                Please, give me suggests. every i changed sql command in GRID APPS after generated there were error (ver 5 and 6), like : can not generate grid apps. maybe another user experienced with that.

                thanks for suggests.

                i'm a user of sc 5 and 6
                database : mysql



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                  Re: ScriptCase 6 News

                  I have attempted to get gantt charts to work and have as yet not been able to.

                  The first attempt was to set all the settings in the grid which included mapping the required grid fields to the gantt elements in the config section Grid > Gantt

                  I checked the example on under samples and the generated gantt chart's have a credit for jsGantt in their footers (, so I downloaded this and tried to make a template that I could then link to the grid, however this approach is not working (does seem to setup a loop but around not within the template)

                  Am thinking there should be no need to use jsGantt separately and that the grid config should then produce a gantt??

                  Would love some help on this please.