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    I have downloaded the demo version and I really like it. The product seems to be very powerful. But it is so hard to get started. With so many spelling errors that I have seen in past few days, I have learned to skip over them. It is not fair to your product to be presented this way. This is not an open source project so expecting us to fix it is not fair either. However, I suggest moving your documentation to a wiki to encourage your registered users fix errors on their time.

    The bottom line is that we purchase products to save time completing our own development projects, being side tracked to fix your product documentation gets lower priority on my todo list. Every software development project should have a good technical writer on their team. I always do.


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      Could you please let us know here how Netmake is going to deal with english documentation? What the strategy will be?


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        We are preparing an environment where some registered users will access a repository with all scriptcase texts.
        So who would like to help improve the languages of Scriptcase, please contact me.

        Best Regards,
        VĂ­tor Jamil


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          If you still need help with English and or German translations, let me know. I would be glad to help and make things more understandable for myself and for others. I am new to Scriptcase, so I will have to go through the documentation anyhow in order to understand and master the product. If in the process of reading and learning I can also make it more understandable for others, then be it so.


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            the only efficient method for translation is having a database/table to keep all the prompts, messages, names, etc. in a database. This way company can easily put this database on internet and make it available to editors who can make changes and additions on the fly. Each record would keep a column with the language, so all data could be filtered according to the language the person is working on. This is an approach which is used for some CMS systems and works very well, as publishing this on internet lets make translations available almost to any possible language. I think SC should select few interpreters and keep them as major consultants. Those people could be simply customers which some extra privileges. I think as a courtesy, good idea would be to give those people 1 free SC license. If you would like to see what am I talking about you can google for "Tomato Cart" CMS.

            For the company IT IS CRITICVAL to keep as much as possible in English (Software, DOCs, Customer Support, forums, etc). Obviously other languages are welcomed, but English must be primary language for communication. Any company that fails this paradigm will fail in their business. I HAVE SEEN IT several times.
            English is an international language, and it could never be an excuse for software development company. Since end users for SC are also developers, one who fails learn English will never truly succeed in IT.
            My native language is other than English but I know if I want to communicate with the world I have to know it,... PERIOD!

            If interested I could help with translation from ENGLIST into POLISH

            Best regards - Arthur


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              Here is one for you. On SC 5 send email macro and maybe other macros too.

              Email attachment is commented with "//Full path to file".

              On Linux Full Path means path from root. Relative path means relative to the current directory or an html path.

              From my experience with SC it actually is referring to the "relative path" something like this: ../myapp/filefolder/file.pdf

              "Full Path" to me would be like this: home7/public_html/myapp/filefolder/file.pdf

              This one is always screwing me up until I figured out it is the relative path to the app, not the full path on the server.

              It also says full path in the "SC settings" for folder locations. Still not sure which one it really is.
              Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 7x with suPHP and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox or Chrome for development browser.


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                I worked for some time to help Net Make with translations. I noticed that the parts I translated (or rather corrected) where not implemented in many cases (and I do not understand why). Some of them where visible in the update. I also offered continuous help but at some pint everything was dropped and Carlos informed me that they would not need any help anymore. I was really surprised. I only worked on the IDE (not the documentation). I also offered help with docs, examples ,website etc but it was not accepted, so it finally dead ended with no more contacts from Net Make site on the topic.

                Another BIG ISSUE is App translation. Keeping project files internally within SC IDE is insane as it limits working in the could and does not allow to cooperate on translations (as obviously to access language files one must have an SC license). I keep asking to move the language files into separate into SQLite database so it would be easy to create a little App to edit the entries (s o far no progress).
                There are hundreds of people in Philipines, Jamaica, Guatemala etc, who speak fluent English and would work for $3/hr to help with documentation etc. It just takes a vision and will to complete it.