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    Originally posted by RHS View Post
    Hi Ronyan,

    i would like change the color and text of the run-button, not for text fields ...

    Ok, in the next webinars, we talk about the css of the buttons.
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      I would like a webinar that covers PDF Report only.

      Specifically, to give a demonstration on a multi line, multi page report set as "Records per line". To include headers and footers.


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        Originally posted by aducom View Post

        In general all advanced users I spoke to wants to know the bug-fixing policy of SC. I think it would be welcome if you could tell the way SC is acknowledging bugs and how we - the community - gets informed. That the current way 'issue reported to bugs team' is not satisfactory will be obvious. There's no feedback what-so-ever, if there's any it's very rare. I tried to get a lot of heavy users on the webinar but I'm not sure who will attend. Unfortunately we cannot see who's online nowadays.
        The webinar is not ment for ranting, we all want the best and want to work with SC to get things better. The best way of achieving that, is by being open to the community. What is SC doing to solve the issues, what steps have been taken to improve support and beta testing, how will SC avoid to have similar issues when releasing the next version. To my personal experience it was bad from 5 to 6, it was worse from 6 to 7 and it 7 to 8 beats everything. How can the community help SC in your view, what has SC to offfer?
        This question still has not been answered. (From September, 2014)

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          Originally posted by daveprue View Post
          This question still has not been answered.

          +1, like, agree - all together


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            - When are you guys including confirmation dialog options for default SC buttons such as Add, delete, modify, etc. it is a functionality most of us want and we are struggling with it.

            - Where can we find documentation about the CSS default classes used in SC

            - What are the best practices for SC developers to include 3rd party libraries (check post about SC deleting non SC files when updated)

            - Are you guys considering "seriously" a form application drag and drop creator?.

            - If I want netmake to develop something for me to be included in my scriptcase what are the channels to accomplish that

            - Are you guys releasing a multi developer single database environment ever?... for real, you guys know it's something lots of people have asked for

            - what is netmake roadmap for mobile devices... as of now SC sucks (and I'm very sorry to say that) at creating css for mobiles

            - are you guys considering the creation of snippets for blank applications?... for example a snippet to include a calendar field in a blank application with the current CSS.

            - does Netmake have any authorized component compatibility list?.. for example if i wanna include jquery ui in my project.

            - are you guys working on plug-ins or add-on for SC.

            I have many more but this ones are the ones i care for more.