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a lot of problems in SC9

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    Group is closed.


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      Yes, netmake has no access... Just ask for access.
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        Originally posted by GuiGuy View Post
        I've been using SC since version 5 and will state categorically that every major release was a disaster in its early stages. It always seems to take six or so months to sort itself out.
        Yes, unfortunately, this is the image we manage to build through the years. One of our strategies to tackle this bad rep is not to foccus anymore on big releases, and instead just steadily and frequently release new features with the new patches, so we don't have to deal with dozens of new features causing problems under the hood all at once.

        Originally posted by Jena Matusen
        Please go to Facebook and vote in the survey. Hopefully they finally realize they need to work on bugs because this is number 1 issue with SC
        We have noticed that, we changed some policies to make bugfixes more efficient and quick. We had a lot of work on the reported bugs since november 2017. One of our main issues is with organizing the channels we use to receive bugs from our custommers. We had a lot of bug reports unanswered and unseen for a long time. We are also working on making bug report more efficient and on providing a way for users to track bugs they reported.

        Originally posted by Dr Tim View Post
        This group is ran by Arthur out of Chicago and is very biased on his opinions
        Apparently, Jena is Arthur's fake account. The group may be run by him and yes, may be a little biased, but this is not an issue. We have to pay attention to complaints, wherever they may come from.

        Originally posted by maximnl View Post
        you cannot add the latest bootstrap because SC has older jquery. At least i would be nice to add any css class to any field or element on the form, but nope, it is all require coding.

        The set of default controls is crap. somehow there are 10 barcodes that nobody use but there is not yes/no checkbox, simple image slider. Funny that it is already there in the development SC environment.

        I'll look into updating the jQuery version we ship with the applications. I agree it should have been updated already. As for the field types requested, I am sure this suggestion will catch the board's eyes and we will probably have those soon. Thanks for the suggestion (although I agree we should have thought of it ourselves).


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          I would like to take the time to Thank You and Netmake for the changes you are making. Scriptcase is a great product and I myself have not had any major problems, but the problems I did have was fixed very promptly. I have one application now that surpassed 2.5 million lines of code on the project. It works wonderfully well and I look forward to many more years of working with you.

          I appreciate your response and the time you have taken to work through the issues. Keep up the good work.

          Thank You,

          Dr Tim


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            Originally posted by Henriqueb View Post

            Thanks for the suggestion.
            Hi Henriqueb

            Thanks for your post. I want to add to your list

            You have a Suggestions forum here. I never see Netmake acknowledge these. Are these ever read and actioned?


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              Originally posted by jack123 View Post

              Hi Henriqueb

              Thanks for your post. I want to add to your list

              You have a Suggestions forum here. I never see Netmake acknowledge these. Are these ever read and actioned?
              That forum is supposed to be always under supervision. I am not sure how the process works down there, but I know some of our features came from suggestions from there.


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                Henriqueb thank you very much for putting-up with all the heat on bugs and issues with SC9. I still think Scriptcase is a great product with potential.

                I bought SC9 when it first came-out and started a project using it. Yes, I faced many strange issues and some were fixed.

                BUT, just two days ago I re-generated some apps using the latest update. These apps were working just perfect. However, now any AJAX button when run, it executes TWICE! Yes, AJAX buttons when clicked run twice and this is causing MAJOR problems with a project that is deployed and is being used in an enterprise environment!

                I had paid support that expired not long ago but frankly I feel NetMake needs to address this issue immediately without asking for paid support because obviously it's an issue with Scriptcase. I already email as you had instructed before but I ask you to please look-into this issue the soonest. It's causing huge problems for us as you can imagine.

                Dr Tim very impressive having one app with 2.5 million lines of code, can't believe you're not facing any issues. What version is it written in? I can almost guarantee it's not v9!

                Frankly, if users are so happy with v8.1 I'd rather downgrade to it than use SC9. Can't afford having these kinds of issues.