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Question - Roll back scenario for SC IDE

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  • Question - Roll back scenario for SC IDE

    Hi everyone,
    I was just thinking that it would be great to have an easy 'roll back version' command in the SC IDE, so that when you upgrade SC versions and encounter a bad situation (bug introduced into a mission critical app/macro...) you could roll back your SC to the earlier version.

    Then I thought, isn't that the same thing as doing a -Sciptcase Settings - Services - Backup? If you do that, and then do a restore, does it take you back to whatever earlier SC version happened to be when the backup was created?

    For that to be true, a restore would need to erase all SC files and settings and truly restore everything right? I just don't know if that actually happens.

    If this is true, it seems almost that the default version upgrade should automatically create a backup, acting as a roll back or restore point?

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    The simplest way is to stop the server and make a backup of your scriptcase dir (clearing out the temp dir is allowed).
    Then start the server and do your update.
    This is our regular procedure and it works like a charm.


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      Thanks - I am going to do it that way too