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where is the sc team???

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  • where is the sc team???

    sorry for the outburst, but I have been paying for gold support for years, now I am 5 days ago I opened a ticket for export problems with excel and I have not yet had an answer.
    what am i paying to do? lately the sc team has disappeared?

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    I am not a support paying so I don't expect responses either sometimes the day after sometimes I never get them. The product is great but the lack of support kind of kill things paying or not paying input and suggestions for improvement of the product come from both sides.


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      I think I reall deciding not to pay because of the lack of responses but yea I also can't afford it.


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        Support has always been something 'special,' but if you've paid for support than you should get what you've been paying for. I advise to use the chat system of Scriptcase. You get directly into contact with Scriptcase sales and demand support or refund.
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