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Interface develop fails after update 9.3

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  • Interface develop fails after update 9.3

    I just updated to versión 9.3, after apply the patches and restart the application the interface dont work.
    Fail when move or edit block in forms. Select field to show. Save lines to show in configuration forms and a lot of things more.

    I tested in all my projects whit the same result.

    It is very urgent for my, I need to finish a Project urgently.

    Thanks for a quick answer

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    A mi tambien me dio el mismo error faltal..!!


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      Same here. I made a clean installation, using Windows 10 Pro, 64 bits, and it's working ok. But in my development machine, using SC 9.2.016, the upgrade left my SC in the same state: I can make changes to any app, in any project (either existing ones or a new samples project just created), but I cannot save: the interface seems to "try", but doesn't show any error message, doesn't return to "normal" state, nor saves the app.


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        The same problem, no save app (s).


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          Always do a snapshot before big updates, (s.o. or scriptcase) Working happy in 9.2.16 for now


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            Hello, javi .

            Thank you for dedicating your time to report this issue.

            Can you tell me what is the language you're using on your SC?

            We had some problems with the spanish version, but we already detected what was the cause and it's being fixed.
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            Best Regards,
            Roberto Ferraz

            Bug Tracker Team
            Netmake - IT Solutions


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              Hola Roberto, yo tambien tengo problemas con la nueva version 9.3, yo estoy operando SC en español, y te paso algunos de los errores que detecte:
              - en diseño->bloques: no permite agregar nuevos bloques
              - en diseño->configuracion: permite cambiar la plantilla de cabecera y pie de pagina, pero no graba los cambios
              - al ejecutar la aplicacion sale el siguiente error: substr() expects parameter 3 to be integer, string given | Script: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v9\wwwroot\scriptcase\devel\class\ge nerator\nmFontePHPForm.class.php linha: 17201



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                This file solves most reported problems:
                Please extract the attachment in the directory: "/ Scriptcase / devel / class / page /"


                Este archivo soluciona la mayoria de problemas reportados: Por favor, extraiga el archivo adjunto en el directorio: "/ Scriptcase / devel / class / page /"


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                  strange behavior, does not open projects.
                  Patch patch made.