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HTTP headers and cache control

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  • HTTP headers and cache control

    On production environments, I've set up specifics on what may and may not be cached by the browser / end user by means of .htaccess - yet on the development environment such control is lacking out of the box. This is rather annoying when developing JS/CSS heavy pages, as it requires a cache clearing reload as opposed to a regular reload. Sometimes I render and run a new version on my development server and have to reload and force cache clearing (Chrome) with CDM+SHIFT+R - otherwise the changes I've made in JS/CSS don't show up.

    For a production server it's a big plus to have things cached, but for a development server there is no point having the browser help you to save traffic as it were; you just want to see the output as it is actually being rendered. So, I'd like to suggest having some form of control over this on the development server. Could be as simple as just one check-box somewhere in the global settings wether or not to fully disable browser caching.