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  • Blank CSS theme

    I love Scriptcase, but to be quite honest; the styling is pretty outdated. CSS has evolved far since the structure of SC was sort of set in stone and it took the best part of a fortnight getting Scriptcase to look like it was something that came out of Vue.js. Responsive, clean and stable across all browsers. Especially the menu app and the rather crappy scroll fix error generator. Debugging a clean project to the point it didn't cause any violations was quite a nightmare and took some inventive solutions to fix it; while maintaining an unadulterated Scriptcase flow, so future updates won't bork it all up again.

    So, very long story short; my suggestions is to included a blank CSS theme. This would be easy enough to make for you; but for me it was an entire night of turning off every possible option in SC's regular theme/css options and then finding ways to override everything that get's styled on the fly by hardcoded ajax/php calls. I've had to set a lot of stuff on transparent and/or opacity 0, just so the CSS wouldn't visually change during a page load since the header templates aren't actual headers.

    Upside; seasoned dev's could customise everything they want while those in lesser need of such adaption won't be bothered by an extra theme they won't use anyway.
    Downside; none.