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General Advice on Forms, Grids and Dashboard

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  • General Advice on Forms, Grids and Dashboard

    So I have a lot of data in database tables. I want to display that data to my user but not really in Grid format.... the forms give me much more control over the data.... so in general whenever you need to display a lot of data from multiple tables. Example One Header with MULTIPLE Details tables.
    Like this:

    Header = Shipments
    Details = Packages
    Details = Labels, this Shipment returned labels and lots of info about those labels
    Details = Rates, this Shipment returned multiple Rates and lots of info about those rates

    So I have one header and multiple detail tables.... would it be best to use a "master" form that has multiple forms set to read only inside it, or use a Dashboard pointed to forms set to read only?

    Is using a form set to read only the only real method of displaying fields that can be moved around?

    I hope I explained this well enough and am just looking opinions here.