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  • new installation not starting

    Possible solution: Using linux as development system has been for me a constant frustration with strange behaviour like the one reported below.
    Switching to a Windows10 plattform has eliminated those problems.

    There is enough annoyance with new scriptcase releases that correct some problems and add too many new problems in areas where it was working acceptably.

    One other way to solve inexplicable behaviour: Delete the app and start it afresh!
    One other frustration: The sql statement may be fully legal and producing the correct result while scripcase reports an sql error. This happens often with joins, Do not try too long, just

    I have freshly downloaded and installed V9.4.01 on linux 64, When I try to start the web server (/opt/NetMake/v9/components/apache/sc_apache start
    it reports: Function not implemented: AH00141: Could not initialize random number generator

    What is wrong. Has anyone encountered the same problem?
    Suggestions are very welcome.
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    From the Swiss Mountains

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    I haven't had that exact problem, but I'm currently wrestling with a deployment problem on 9.4.001, which might be related.

    When I deployed my test 9.4 project and used the prod environment from the IDE I had random things not working. I deleted then reinstalled everything, but this time got the prod environment from the Scriptcase website rather than via. the IDE.

    This seems to have fixxed most of the problems (Still testing).

    When I compared the zip files from the Website to the one on the IDE, I noticed some differences... the packages are clearly not the same. (See atttached image)

    Might be worth a try.


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      Thank you ibatey for your remark.

      In desperation I completely switched from linux to a windows10 environment. Now I do not have the above mentioned problem any more.. I get the impreshion that scriptcase development work on a specific linux brand and release, which is not always consistent with the one, the user has.
      The application does run without a problem on a hosted unix webserver.
      From the Swiss Mountains