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After PHP7.3 conversion my projects cannot be found

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  • After PHP7.3 conversion my projects cannot be found

    SORTED - go to bottom of posting for solution.

    I am upgrading my Scriptcase version 9.4 (running under SUSE Linux) to the latest PHP version. (7.3). I backed up a project and then imported it into the updated version (running in Demo at this time). Although the import option says the import was ok I cannot see my project anywhere. I logged out and back in again but it is not visible. If I try to import the project again I am told that it already exists and I want to replace it. I can create a new project ok but not access my imported ones. Any idea what has gone wrong here?

    Update: I checked the app folder for new version. Although a folder has been created for my imported projects the actual folders are empty except for a "_lib" folder, which is also empty.

    Update: I checked the file: nm_scriptcase.db before overwriting with my original one and, using DBeaver I can see that my missing project is there in sc_tbapl and also shown in sc_tbprj.

    So why won't my imported applications show up in the new release?

    Update: After importing my backed-up project, if I click on "Open Project", nothing happens. Looking at the button's link it says "javascript: parent.nm_open_project('PollyStock;6;1.4;N')". So, the updated Scriptcase thinks it has my project. So why cannot it find it and why is there no error when clicking on this button? If a button does not perform it's operation correctly (eg open my project) then surely there ought to be an error message?

    SORTED! The import does work after all. The problem is the projects are not enabled for any users - including admin. Go to Options, Settings, Users. Edit the user and, below, you will see all projects and privileges for the user. You should see you imported projects there but they will not be enabled. Tick the boxes and save. Go to "Home" or "Open Project" and they will be there.

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    David Goadby, North Wales.

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    Exactly the same thing happened to me.
    So I resigned from upgrading to PHP 7.3 because I have too many important projects to play with non-working programs.

    Complete import reports that everything is OK. But the project folder is not in the new installation.
    It may even point the way to the old installation, but I haven't tried it.


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      I'm glad that I'm not alone as I was starting to go a little crazy! I think I will abandon 7.3 for now too. Thx for your reply.
      David Goadby, North Wales.


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        I 'm also face this bug.

        I found a workaround, in my previous scriptcase i choose Application/Export Application, and then create manually the project in 9.4.016 and Import All Application.

        I hope it will be acceptable for you.