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Refresh Button for Connection/Table Refresh

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  • Refresh Button for Connection/Table Refresh

    Dear NetMake,

    The following image is the Grid application shows the Connection and Table drop downs. To the right of the Table drop down is a button for Table Refresh. Can this table refresh icon be added to ALL application types when editing the SQL settings? This would be a real time saver as there are times when we need to change the Connection.

    When we currently change the connection in a Form we need to Save the form after selecting a different connection and then select the desired table. If this refresh button were available this could be done in one step.

    I know it seams like a small thing, but it is this kind of enhancement that makes Scriptcase even better.

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    Here's a trick .. unless you are using multiple databases .. always use the same connection name for all of your projects (ie. conn_mysql). Then you just need to edit the database connection value (Database > Edit Connection)