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    Hi All,

    After deploy my applications with the wizard with SFTP on I see this error:

    Undefined variable: obj_ftp | Script: /var/www/scriptcase8/devel/class/page/nmPagePublishWizard.class.php linha: 1191




    No errors in sc8, hard disk corrupted, took some time to find out
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    I don't know if this will help, but any time I get Deployment oddities, I clear out the temp directory and give it another try. Most times it solves what is giving me problems. Not sure about this issue directly, but it won't hurt My temp file (default install - Windows) is in wwwroot/scriptcase/tmp/.


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      Seems like they're getting the same problem here: ScriptCase Thread: Error On Deploy

      Far as I've read they haven't found a fix there either but they've offered alternatives, then again I'm not an expert with servers so I mostly have no idea what they're talking about anyways.
      I hope that the thread I linked at least helped you a bit in understanding the problem if not offering a fix/alternative.

      Regards, Matt.


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        hi, for deploy actually i use a "slow" way which insures that things are fine as much as possible, although, it might seem to take longer, but i can track each step and fix if needed.

        scenario A - if brand new project, needs to be deployed along with libraries and stuff, it will have big size,
        - deploy all apps with libs, css, buttons..etc to your local server at your development computer e.g. d:/wamp or xamp/htdocs/myproject
        - go to myproject folder and select everything then add to archive and make zip
        - go to your production server, extract there in suitable folder (use cpanel file manager or remote desktop connection for windows, ftp doesn't necessary able to extract files on remote server)
        - upload db if mysql and setup user and password (i usually avoid using root, alternatively, i create specified dedicated user for each db)
        - go to your and click anything to setup the connection once (if didnot work, or if it was used before and cashed in your browser, try"
        - after all works ok, protect production, i usually remove the connection settings files things or rename some files not to be accessable easily
        - done

        scenario B
        if the project needs to be updated only for few applications, again, deploy to local server, use filezella or any other ftp software to replace all folder of the effected application(s) from your httdocs folder to your suitable location on the remote server.. do NOT upload the _lib folder unless you want to change in languages, themes, buttons, images...etc... even though, those are recommended to be uploaded one by one to suitable location(s) instead of uploading the entire _lib folder......... update db stuff if required.. done

        finally if you care about secured FTP, then use it from your ftp software settings, not directly from sc to live server, there are many things that can prevent successful upload

        hope that helps anybody having common issues with production



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          A question...

          If you update SC, for example say from 8.0.34 to 8.0.35, and you can see after the update that none of your apps need to be regenerated - what deployment do you need to do on Production to get the fixes in the new update?

          Presumably, in that case, you do need re-deploy the common libraries again?


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            hmmm good question, YES as long as new feature may need that libraries, and no if the new thing has no effect on your live applications
            if you do not regenerate, then nothing is actually added to your apps, go to your scriptcase/apps that is what being deployed, if you don't regenerate, it will simply send that files back to the server, like nothing happend
            but for myself, i don't re-deploy them, otherwise will lose the connection, if forced to re-deploy libraries, i do it manually for each file that needs update inside the _lib from the ftp software, comparing the files simply, especially the images folder _lib/img


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              Mike - let me clarify....

              In some cases, after an SC update - all (or a bunch) of my apps show as outdated. So clearly the update from SC clearly updated one or more SC libraries that those apps use meaning they need to be regenerated to pull in updated "include" code. That is fair enough, so I'll regen those apps and deploy the newer ones to Production.

              However, more often than not - an SC update does not make any of my apps outdated. Therefore, there would seem to be no reason to regenerate them, and thus no reason to re-deploy them to production. So, assuming the SC update does indeed fix a bunch of things, then I am assuming that they are fundamental fixes in the core libraries of SC themselves? And if that is so, to get that fix to work in Production, I would thus need to re-deploy those common libs?

              I agree it is a pain - as you say, you have to re-prepare production in terms of the connections etc. Plus the libs are pretty big (> 120MB). But if I don't have to re-gen my apps, then I see that as the only way to get those fixes into Prod? Hence asking the question.


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                okay then the simple way is to regenerate and reupload dude is better, but i wouldn't do that as long as my production applications are working fine, i will finally deploy to localhost and upload to production only those i need to have new stuff in them which were not functioning well before the upgrade.

                for libraries, i guess while testing your applications in production, and are functioning well, then why to update them? if you have doubts and will do so, select your folders manually in ftp and avoid connection settings

                about the "outdated" what i understood, it says "outdated" only when you do some changes in the application but you didn't re-generate it, so it will keep outdated until you generate... now i have a project that was not touched since 3 months, i opened it for a look (even updated sc many times so far) and applications say: updated.


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                  Whenever we update ScriptCase, we force a rebuild of all apps. Otherwise, how will you find all the new bugs?
                  Dave Prue
                  Code Whisperer
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