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Issue with layer in Form's blocks - no reaction from SC

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  • Issue with layer in Form's blocks - no reaction from SC

    Could you please provide information WHEN you will start work on the bug which I described there: ?

    This is very big problem, b'cause:

    1) When you will try use Normal Grid (as Mater/Detail) + Form (as Application link) to edit rows YOU see, that "pensil" image to edit (and execute) edit Form dissapeard.
    2) When you will try use Editable Grid View -> you can't edit it with external Form as modal.


    Both Grids, NOT WORKING with external Form to edit row when are placed between Blocks.

    Suggested Solution

    Please change z-index of Block lower than z-index of Form which will be executed as Application link.
    I've had enough of signaling underlying problems which are not corrected.

    More about the issue with layer you can found on screenshot below. I don't like block's iframe resize because whole form will be to long, I would like to open modal window ABOVE the Block's line with title.


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    Hello Darek,

    Issue reported to our bugs team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      I checked that in Scriptcase 8 problem wasn't resolved.
      Guys! I need yours help!

      Look what I mean.



      Please help!


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        Additional screenshot with issue:



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          When I create Form with many Blocks, and put Grid into Block, I can't use Modal Form to edit Grid's rows due to the issue with layer.
          I would like to have the modal window always on top no matter form where it is called.
          Do you have any suggestion? Maybe there is other solution which I can use.
          But I think that it is issue that Modal Window/Form is not on the top.
          Guys, I am in the middle of big project and I couldn't step forward due to this problem.
          Please help.

          daretzki (Darek)


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            Hello Darek,

            I will verify the bug status with our team.

            Bernhard Bernsmann


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              Great. Thanks bartho


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                Originally posted by bartho View Post
                Hello Darek,

                I will verify the bug status with our team.

                Bernhard Bernsmann
                hello bartho,

                There are many threads about this specific bug, we really need to know what Netmake think about it ? is it a bug or not for you? what's is a bug status now?


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                  imshinji - indeed.

                  I have workaround for this, but functionality should be changed a little.
                  Workaround: add Detail Form on separate Page on Master Form

                  1. I created New Page on MasterForm
                  2. I added Detail Form to new Page
                  3a. I set iframe for Detail to width=100% and height=650px (to prevent layout issue) - for modal - opened Edit Form will be whole inside Block
                  3b. I set "open on the same page" - for not modal

                  Look how its work on my App:



                  This is working fine, but this workaround just for separate Page. When you need to place Detail Form >>between other Blocks on Master Form<< - you will have very long Master Form and it is not looking good for user because he should use scrollbar.

                  The second bug is that when you set Edit Form as modal - Detail Form is NOT REFRESHING.


                  There is SC version 8, and I am sure, that when we will have version 24 we will have the same bugs. I don't know WHY Netmake don't read our community. They have free beta-testers there for our cash.

                  @bartho - where we can check what is the work progress on the reported bugs?

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                    Guys,... please.
                    This is just standard behaviour and has nothing to do with SC. A modal page/box/window belongs to the window it is called from
                    and technically a page in an iframe is a separate window so a modal box will always be within the iframe. If you want to have it above
                    the parent, it has to be called from the parent. You can do it, but there is quite some javascript involved.
                    The 'real' solution would be to get rid of iframes all together, but that's a feature request, I guess, since 2010.
                    Just my 2cts.



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                      iframes are dead, and SC uses it a lot, it's not an easy change sadly
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