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How to set value from database field as global variable?

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    I don't understand why is it so hard for you to realise I have watched all the videos and this is not the first time I told you this. If you don't have the interest to help up newbie/new comer/non-programmer, then just be it. I can see it now with what you present and what RHS has present.

    As I said, if a community senior are so hard to accept new comer/newbie/non-programmer, then this is it. The SC community that will never grow.

    RHS, if your english is good enough, then you should be realise my point is always "community". I don't complain system much, as I know clearly each system have it's strength and weakness.

    What I concern is the community, such as Joomla and many more. A friendly and helpful environment even with stupid newbie questions.

    But here... Ooooo. If Albert and RHS was SC developer, I guess SC won't even make it to version 6.

    Here is all the time I have for both of you who think you're a patient and tolerance person. Enjoy your time torturing newbie here.

    I feel so good after decided not to return to this forum
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      What you forget is that we are volunteers. We put a lot of our free time in an attempt to help people out. But sometimes the demands are too high. That has nothing to do with friendlyness, it's your attitude and nothing else. That's all I have to say about it.
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        unfortunately i got stuck
        how can I pass a sql value (eg 3) to a global variable?

        foms - events - onLoad

        $sql = "Select group_id from sec_users_groups where login = [usr_login]";

        sc_select(ds, $sql);

        [login_group_id]= {ds

        Thx Peti