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Please fix the mess in files

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  • Please fix the mess in files

    Image File naming is a mess. Why not to create some guidelines for developers who work in Net Make and stick to some rules for the naming things, objects, files etc..
    The mess is all over IDE. One place you use term ADD RECORD, then some other place the label says: RECORD INSERTION then another place RECORD INCLUSION (insane).
    There is no consistency in a code, and generated code is just a one big mess in sense of Portugese mixed with English.

    Same thing happens with file naming. For example image files have all kind of possible English/Portugese mixes. It is so simple to implement and be coherent. SC really needs some unification.
    The field descriptions on the screen are wired, or they do not explain anything (so why use them if they are not helpful).

    We keep this same drum over and over and there is very little improvement (if any).


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    One thing you can at least do, you can find the bad text in your c:\program files\netmake\v8\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\YOURPROJEC T\_lib\lang under the language files.
    I dont know if all standard texts are in there but there are several in there. Changing them is easy. But be aware that when you update scriptcase you may loose your standard translations again...
    That is until they fix it of course......
    I agree that we should not have to do it. It does help to show a picture with the bad translation.... At least then scriptcase has a change to fix it, it should be a simple thing..


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      Yes, this same rule should apply to naming variables, folders, making screen prompts etc.
      When I worked for software company 25 years ago (we were developing for DOS) the CEO already made certain rules and documents explaining how to keep everything consistent. We all had to follow those guidelines, so I do not see a reason who 25 years later someone in Netmake cannot do the same. Obviously it didn't take place otherwise the same procedure i.e. creating new record in database wouldn't be called with many different names (Add Record, New Record, Insert Record, Record Insertion, Record Inclusion). As you see I've found 5 different terms used in SC for the same thing and this is just a single example.