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    anomaly0617 No, I mean about:

    ....but starting with v8 they more or less forced me into a model where my dev box had to run it's own scriptcase instance of apache. This then meant that I had to have a second web server to run the other common tools I use like phpMyAdmin and others, but it created a "scriptcase supported" installation environment. I actually remember creating three virtual servers the day I upgraded from v7 to v8 -- one that was a production web server for generated code, one that was a dev web server with just scriptcase v8 on it, and one that was a database server because - hey - if I'm gonna have to build a server room to develop an application, let's go all out and separate MySQL from the LAMP stack, right???
    Wich way SC force to you to have this enviroment.
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      There are several solutions imho. First you have a local server / development engine and you allow your users to login over a vpn like connection. Other option is to login using a remote tool like Splashtop, Teamviewer or something similar. We have a highly secured virtual server on the web which allows only our own ip's to enter. Perhaps this is helpful to you.
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