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Parameter to nonexistent linking application (obj_guid).

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  • Parameter to nonexistent linking application (obj_guid).

    I have generated several grids and forms. I've just started to make the changes to the field names, and positions that I want. The form is done. Then I started working on the grid. I tried to run the grid, but I keep getting this error. It won't run. I have checked the Link and the link is there. The target application is there. The target application has an "Object GUID" which is the primary key for all my tables. Where do I look, and what do I change, to make this work? Thanks.

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    same issue, did you resolve it?


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      anyone ever solve thjis?


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        My thoughts.

        1. If grid and form is both newly created, and you run the grid without generating the form, then you will get that error. Try to Generate all outdated applications before running your grid will reduce this issue.

        2. If a form is generated and it contains an error, then the grid will also recognize it as non existing application.

        3. Last I can think of, if you use batch application to create the grid and the form, then its a good start to build application one by one. I remember having hiccups and plenty of issues if I use the batch application. So I stopped using that and always generate grid and forms separately.