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  • Updating production environment

    Hello, this i my scenario:
    since i was struggling setting up a production environment in windows server 2008 machine the guys from SC suggested me to use the installation package from SC to install apache, PHP and SC all at once in the production server. I am not supposed to use SC as a development tool on the production server so i let the 30 days of trial expire and of course the apache/php environment continued to work as expected.
    so i did. everything worked fine.

    Now, there is an update of SC (8.1.042) requiring to update production environment also in order for TCPDF library to work properly.

    Here are my questions:

    First question:
    if i need to upgrade the SC environment in the production server because there is a new version released what
    if i uninstall the old SC one? Will i be able to install the new one since on that machine (production) i do not have a license? will i get a deny installation message?

    Second question:
    is there a definitive guide to install a working apache php environment (where SC application properly work) in windows server 2008? In the future i would like to set up the production environment not using the SC installation package (i understand this is a workaround that worked pretty fine so far, nevertheless i would like to make things differently.


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    Just my few cents:

    - We run scriptcase development on a windows virtual server. We have used the windows setup which uses apache and php (5.6). We have installed our own MySQL database. If you have the need to move your development environment from one server to another there's a fairly straight forward approach. As you can have use your licence only once you have to create a full project export from your current scriptcase instance. Then install your new scriptcase environment, request for a new licence on the customer page on (your own account) then register scriptcase and you will be able to import your projects. If it fails you can request a new licence for your old environment to open it up. I did this a few times without issues.
    - Our production system runs on windows 2012 server and apache. At the university we are busy installing it under IIS, but that's full of supprises. As Aducom I tried to get things running under IIS but stopped as this webserver is far too complex and the setup parameters changes at every new IIS version. I personally hate it just because of that. I have one advise, use your windows server, but install uniform wamp package. But if you insist on running it under IIS you need to have a good knowledge of IIS, it's application pools and all other stuff. That's not a Scriptcase issue. What might help is that you run IIS maintained by Plesk or a similar product. That does a lot of the difficult things for you and we have been using Plesk/IIS for a while. But we reverted back to Apache.

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      Hello Albert. Thank you

      My development environment is on my laptop and i have no issues with that ( i have my license on it)

      my concerns are only regarding the production machine:
      My production machine is a windows server 2008 R2 (i have no IIS running on this machine).
      On this machine i have installed apache/php environment using the SC installation package from here .
      I don't use SC development on this machine so i let the trial period expire after the 20-30 days.
      The apache/php environment continues to work of course. (This is a solution suggested to me by SC support in order to easily set up a proper production environment in one shot, they told me not to care about the fact that after the trial sc would expire because i don't develop on that machine)
      and in fact since i did this i had no problems in running and deploying my application.

      Now i need to upgrade the production environment, i was asking if i can safely unistall SC and install the new package (with the new update) always from here without getting a deny installation message (since i don't have a license on the production server)

      regarding Uniform server:
      I already tried uniform server, (it would be my preferred choice) but the applications didn't properly work (never figured out why) for instance ajax auto complete didn't i have choosen this solution proposed me by sc support, but if you have some tips you are very welcome



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        Now i remember. Uniform server has php 7 which is not compatible with my application did not work properly