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Could Grid's OnRecord Execute only the current Page?

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  • Could Grid's OnRecord Execute only the current Page?

    It seems that the OnRecord Event occurs with all the table's records, that will be a problem that when I have a VERY BIG table, it will cost sooooo many times to calculate.

    But the OnRecord is useful when I want to do some sums.

    So could there be a event caled OnRecordCurPage?

    This event only calculate the current page, and it will be very fast.

    Could that be possible?

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    You made very important point. Keep in mind though that all the calculations are made "per recordset", so you can limit your recordset by using filters. It is rather rare case when you load all records into the buffer (unless you have just very few). I would just love to see "OnRecord" event have a parameter to apply to the recordset. Then you decide what your recordset holds (how many records).

    Perhaps as workaround you could read first/last record red into the page buffer (i.e reading record PrimaryKey field) then applying your actions to that set only)