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    It will depend of the app, normally you'll process the data through the events (application init for example)

    As best practice, I prefer to use a blank app to process the data and then redirect to the final app after doing what (specially for bigger apps / systems)

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      Originally posted by aducom View Post
      Remember that you are running php, scriptcase is nothing more than a php generator. So if you send parameters by the url then you can read that in your main application with $_GET['myvar']. Look at the php info.

      Arthur, no I don't call cms pages from my cms directly, you cannot. The application is running within an iframe. What you can do is to call the full cms url to that page with sc_redir and use _parent to break out your current IFrame. We have a lot of scriptcase pages running as a separate application hosted within a cms. You logon to the cms and the necessary data is passed to the url running in an iframe in that cms. That's only one-way traffic. So if I would call page 1 from my scriptcase application that is already running in a wrapper or iframe plugin I would do something like
      Thanks Arthur I go to try with this information that you gave me. Regards.