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How to upgrade SC

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    Thanks Gui, will do..... Just thought it is related to upgrading ...



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      So let me get this straight:
      i am now running 8.1.041 version.

      i generally follow inidications and go in help menu-->update version and so on.

      should i trust this procedure when i see the message frog sc when i log in telling me that there is an update?
      what you suggested applies for every update or just major ones?



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        I only have one recommendation. Since you cannot go easily back to the old version I recommend to create a full binary backup of your sc folder. If something goes wrong you can always revert back. Unfortunately we have had samples of updates that did not went well. Of course SC fixes it asap, but it's a burdon never-the-less. We always do this on any update, tiny or big.
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          Ok. From now on I will make a full backup of my projects using the built in function and I will also make a copy of wwwroot/scriptcase folder.
          In case of problems, is it enough to put the old scriptcase folder at its place overwritting the new one?
          Thank you


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            No, to be sure you need to make a full binary backup of your scriptcase folder under netmake.
            Albert Drent
            aducom software netherlands
            scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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              Originally posted by Giu View Post
              Hi all,
              Notes to take into consideration
              - IMPORTANT You can't restore a project from a generated/deployed project. SC projects definitions are stored in database as records, and what you use to deploy/test, are PHP generated, and this step is one way only. You can generate from the project inside SC, but you can't get a project from the generated code. There are 1 way to restore a project, from a project export(3)

              (1) App folder is where SC generates the code to test in dev. If you haven't any code inside out of SC apps, then you can delete without problems. If you have some external libs/files, remember this is not backed up with your project and needs be copied manually. tmp folder is the folder used by SC to store backups to download, and generated JS to use inside projects. As his name, is a temporary folder, safe to be empty.
              (2) BTW, is just needed to backup sqlite (or other if you use manual installation) database used by SC, but due to differents versions and so on, is faster a complete bacakup.
              (3) Obviously If you keep safe main SC database, then inside is your project, and can be restored too (because you can restore a complete SC installation)
              ​I think additionally, until the new version is confirmed stable/ satisfactorily tested, its better to develop new apps/ make changes on the old SC version and imported into the new. If you have to revert to the old SC version, anything developed on the new version will be lost (have to be re-programmed on old version.) Or has you not had this problem?