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Update Sc8 Php 5.4 to Php 5.6

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  • Update Sc8 Php 5.4 to Php 5.6

    Hello to all forum, currently I use Windows 7 with XAMP and Sc8, my current version of PHP is the 5.4.29, i would like update to 5.6. Does anyone know the correct procedure to update the version of PHP 5.6 in SC8 ?
    THanks for your reply.

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    you need to reinstall sc8 to upgrade to php 5.6. Before that create a full binary backup - just in case - export your projects (as you need to import them after upgrade), reinstall and import.
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      Aducom Thanks for your prompt response.


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        I did a mistake and upgraded without export. I downgraded to 5.4, scriptcase looks like working, but can't login, it doesn't give any error, just keep waiting. How can I debug?
        I did updated php and zendloader to 5.6 then roll back to 5.4 and downgraded zendload too. Diagnosis says everything is ok.