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FTP based deployment help needed

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  • FTP based deployment help needed

    As a 'newbie' to the SC universe I am struggling with being successful at FTP deployment. Is there a definitive tutorial that shows all the steps in detail, covers ALL the parameters required and any pitfalls or technical heads ups with regard to FTP settings etc.
    What I would dearly like to see is a 'Test Connection' button on the dialog box where you enter the FTP parameters. At the moment get it wrong and you have zero feedback until it eventually times out or the server kicks you out OR as in my case regularly the destination firewall locks you out after 3 or so strikes.
    This has got to work I am sure but I am not experiencing it yet.
    Thanks all in my frustration and rising levels of desperation, I am optimistic some experienced user will put me on the correct path.

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    Update to my initial message:
    It would appear that the FTP function is sort of working, this I ascertained by monitoring via the cPanel the FTP connections.
    This showed a valid session, therefore credentials were correct.
    Could also see activity as files were uploaded, BUT VERY SLOW !!
    Eventually did it complete successfully who knows because SC gave me ZERO feedback as to progress or successful completion.
    Surely it can not be too hard to have progress bars like they already do for source code generation etc.
    So whilst I am making some little progress, my next step is to:

    1: Do common library install via FTP and unzip on the server [ big zip ~115 Mbytes ]
    2: Do an FTP deployment of the project files, in my case only about 4Mbytes, goes quite quickly.
    Let's see what happens.

    My sincere hope for the SC environment is that you dev locally, and 'One Button' deploy to a server once the parameters are initially setup.
    That's how it should be, convenient and productive. I venture to add that other competitive products already have this as a 'feature' !!

    Please feedback to this newbie if I am being unrealistic.


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      Further update which is making me a little embarrassed.
      Applying my plan to only do FTP of the project files, low and behold I can see a Progress bar display with a final output saying the 'Applications have been successfully deployed'
      So my apologies for seemingly casting aspersions on SC, it would seem in my more senior years I have am a trifle impatient maybe.
      Enough prattle let me get on and enjoy creating and delivering with SC.


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        Don't worry, all of us sometimes are impatients
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