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Scriptcase 8.1 : First login issue

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  • Scriptcase 8.1 : First login issue

    I installed Scriptcase 8.1 for the first time on a linux box (Fedora 22 64bits) with apache 2.4.18 and php 5.6.23. Installation achieved without visible problem in the log file.
    When i try to log in with admin/admin, SC returns to login screen without any error message. I tried with other users and passwords (foo/admin or admin/bar or foo/bar), I always got error messages.
    I'm sure I missed something, but I can't get what.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Manual or automatic installation? I mean, you used the zip file or the installer.
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      I used the installer


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        Can you try accessing the diagnosis at Verify if the session write permission is ok in the diagnosis, if it's not then you'll need to give permission to the directory. Just look for session.save_path and you'll see the directory that needs the permission. The correct permission would 777 -R on the folder since it's a prive PC. If that doesn't solve the problem, then try accessing Scriptcase from a private window on firefox or an incognito window on chrome.