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  • Get 502 Bad Gateway Error

    I download the Manual Installation package, and unzip it to my directory. I'm sure the ZendGuardLoad is OK and the version is 3.3.

    The iport/scriptcase/diagnosis.php run result:

    1. All OK at the Environment section;
    2. at the Environment2 section 3 errors:
    php.ini PATH:
    Session write permission
    ZendId execute Permission
    How could I solve this?

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    It's centos, the OS.


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      I analysis the PHP code diagnosis.php, and find the code

      $str_ini = get_cfg_var('cfg_file_path');

      return nothing, and also the

      $session_dir = get_cfg_var('session.save_path');

      return nothing too.

      And run the


      gets the php.ini path:
      Loaded Configuration File /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini
      So there's only one config to tell the PHP get_cfg_var how to find the php.ini, where to config?


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        Could anybody answer this? still get 502


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          This is really a silent forum.

          I fixed all the diagnosis.php's error, mostly is directory's permit, just open the diagnosis.php and get each line.

          The problem is: All OK and still get 502 (if I put a 1.php into the scriptcase/devel/iface/ that works fine.

          What now?


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            Is fpm on or off? (fastcgi Process manager). That one tends to error 502 on a wrong config. I am not an expert in centos but maybe this may help you I hope.


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              Can you send me the diagnosis and an image showing this error, please?
              Follow the steps below to generate the diagnosis file in the development environment:

              1 - Go on your ScriptCase and on 'Help' select 'Diagnosis'.
              2 - When appeared, click on " Log file successfully created. Click here, save the file and send to NetMake!" that it's on the top of the page.
              3 - Press the right button of the mouse and click on "Save as..." this file will be saved and send to me.


              Gustavo Veras
              Scriptcase Team
              Best Regards,
              Gustavo Veras

              Bug Tracker Team
              NetMake - IT Solutions