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error on login and trying to register a new license

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  • error on login and trying to register a new license

    Hello guys

    can somebody help with an advice?

    -I changed my scriptcase from one computer to another, of course I did backup my projects first
    -In the new installation everything was ok until I tried to restore a project from the previous backup, it show next error message:

    Se ha producido un error al acceder a la base de datos. database disk image is malformed...Scriptcase\wwwroot\scriptcase\devel\cl ass\interface\nmTrashClean.class.php linha: 732
    (this error error is somethins abut internal database)

    -now I can't login, its thee same error, I Ican't use scriptcase because now it is showing an error message that says licencse is invalid, and even generating another one it still shows the same error: licencse is invalid, and nothing else is working


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    First make a backup!!! NOrmally you;d want to make a backup of your scriptcase/v8 dir (in admin mode!) Then try this one:
    Alternatively it may also work with sqlite expert but I havent tried that.
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      Please Roberto,don't double post.
      Albert Drent
      aducom software netherlands
      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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        sorry Albert, my fault, my browser freeze and I did press twice the send button

        thanks RR it seems ok to try what the post says, or I think I can try to use workbench,it also supports sqlite in addition on myql,

        but just one question more, where are the database files of scriptcase, no databases of applications, file of internal database of sc? any idea?




        I tried using explorer search and I found only: D:\ProgramExes\Scriptcase\wwwroot\scriptcase\devel \lib\sql\examples\sqlite.db

        I guess that is not what I need to restore SC

        thanks a lot


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          ok, finally I fixed, and just if somebody, sometime, want to know...

          the problem:

          when a project was imported, the internal scriptcase database was broken (that db where SC saves information about proyects, apps, meta data, not data of apps themself)

          then after login, always an error was generating: somethin like: "...database disk image is malformed...) and inside SC a screen did appears with error -10, license error, something like that, even trying to registering another new license (generated in nothing could be done, neither export, neither using diagnostic, nothing

          note, the internal sc database in this case were in sqlite format


          search for the internal database file (sqlite format), in this case was: ..\
          wwwroot\scriptcase\devel\conf\scriptcase\nm_script case.db

          downloaded a sqlite software to treat this kind of files ( )

          within sqlitebrowser the nm_scriptcase.db file was opened, and exported all content to a .sql file

          closed file nm_scriptcase.db, deleted it, and generetad a new one, with the same name, and the backup .sql file was imported

          at this point SC didn't show the error about database, but still was sending error about license, of course, because it had been changed (generated a new one in the site), it just was registered again in the menu help->register license and everythig was ok again.