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Deployment but "unauthorized user"!!

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  • Deployment but "unauthorized user"!!

    Hello every body,
    Please, i need your help about project deployment.

    i deployed my project (produced under windows 8, with Mysql database) under ubuntu 14.1 server, and have the message : "unauthorized user" and i am blocked since weeks.
    i have some questions about deployment:

    - my scripcase environment is windows, is there any problem when the production an deployment systems are different??

    - when i deploy with zip option, have i to unzip then send on the server the unzipped file or i have to send the zip file and unzip under the server, is there difference?

    - to deploy application by application what i have to do with the _lib folder obtained at each deployment, have i to add the contain to the _lib on the server at each time?

    Best regards.

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    it could be about cache. Try to login with private mode.


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      Thank you for your answer.

      "private mode" ?? it means what?


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        I mean open your project in private mode with your browser(Chrome ect.). Or you can clean your caches


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          It looks like you have security enabled?
          If so, go back to your login application and remove the use of the security module.
          Then deploy again.
          You dont have to unzip locally, just copy the file to the server and extract there.
          If you want to upload just one or a few applications you don't need the _lib folder unless you've changed something project wide (theme, language, ...).
          All you need to do is extract the zip file locally and repack only the applications you need, upload to the server and extract.