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Unable to activate ScriptCase v8 license

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  • Unable to activate ScriptCase v8 license

    I got a new computer and downloaded ScriptCase v8.1 from this web site. However, I'm unable to get my license to register. I've been trying to work with Mauricio for the last few days, but he's convinced I'm just typing my username or password incorrectly and replies are slow. I went so far as to reset my password, but even the new one doesn't work to register in the app -- although it does work fine to log in to and see the serial number that doesn't work. I know I was using v8 before (not v8.1). Do I need to find a download for v8 rather than v8.1? Any tips on how to get this to actually activate without paying hundreds of dollars for a new key? I only need to make a few small changes to an old project. Thanks!