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How to get PHPExcel to work in Control Application

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  • How to get PHPExcel to work in Control Application

    I created excel spreadsheet using the PHPExcel through the SC Blank Application and it works perfectly except for the blank window left behind after execution.

    However, I place the code that i have created using the SC Blank Application to a Control Application under the php method, the result of the excel spreadsheet is not readable.

    When i attempt to open the excel file generated, the first message that appeared was:

    the file you are trying to open is in a different format that specified by it file extension. Is this file trusted ...?

    When I click YES, the MS Excel open the spreadsheet but another prompt pop-up with the heading "Problems During Load"

    "Missing file:.... _lib\css\Scriptcase7_BlueSky\Scriptcase7_BludSky_f orm.css"

    Any idea how to resolve this problem.

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    Hi Leatheric,

    I'm just approaching a similar problem.
    I founded, as you did, this class (php-Excel) that seems interesting but I don't want to face your same problems.