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call a function in annother container

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  • call a function in annother container


    i have a blank application and a form in a container.
    I created a new theme were i set all borders to 0px so that it seems that i have one page only ( could be seen in the attachment ).

    When i press the start button i want to call my function in the blank application, where the field "Startzeit" should be filled with the actual time.

    i tried to call my funtion within a javascript method but that did not work
    function starttime()
    seems that my function call is not right. The ('id-iframe-widget1') is the correct frame of the blank application but i think my parent.document... is not right.

    Anyone here doing the same and can give me the right parameters ?

    the function itself on the blank application is working !
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    Re: call a function in annother container

    As nobody could help me, i figured out annother solution.

    I put my code from my blank application into a label field in my form.
    Put all my functions into the OnScriptInit of my form, used Firebug to get the right Field Names, transferred my PHP variables to my javascript functions and got it working !

    And this was really great luck to figure that out as i had the deadline of the project this morning !!
    if someone else has a similar problem, update the post and i'll have a look to help you with your problem.

    BTW: SC is a really great software, but it really takes a lot of time to figure out where an individual code could be placed to run for own needs !