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can we get charts from in control app

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  • can we get charts from in control app

    hi, i have control app which gets custom data from sql (can't be done by gird obviously) i have the values ready in fields/global variable.. how can we make charts of those values using control application? anybody did similar or have an idea?

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    Store the data in a table and do an sc_redir to a form that shows it in a chart??


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      good idea, but my data is dynamic (a sum of table fields) and also any usual chart by sc require group-by and summary by what!? i just want to produce some "dynamic" numbers as bar chart!? is it complicated u think?


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        Dynamic data can be done. But you have to know more exactly what you want. The charts should be fairly standard if I guess your situtation right.


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          exactly, fairly standard is enough rr, let me explain it better.

          i have a container that will display some charts for different data within the project as an overview before going to each application.. just overviw about current available data...
          one widget of the container does show chart from a table, summary group by all ok... but the other one container widget should display a sum of the whole db column (mysql) so managed to do that in a control application, but i want to display them as chart in the container, not as numbers