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Strange database-behavior on virtual hosts-server

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  • Strange database-behavior on virtual hosts-server

    Hey guys,

    I'll try to explain my problem as easy as possible

    1. Setup

    I have one Server (name bo01), which should be accessable over the network via two different aliases:
    • ugs-sds-gas
    • ugs-sds-sole


    Apache-Server (webroot directory) runs on C:\VH\Gas\webroot
    MySQL-Server listens on localhost:3316 (which is bo01:3316)


    Apache-Server (webroot directory) runs on C:\VH\Sole\webroot
    MySQL-Server listens on localhost:3326 (which is bo01:3326)

    2. Problem

    When I now try to set-up the database at the ugs-sds-gas server and enter the log-in credentials from the MySQL-Server, and click "Test connection" it says, that the connection was all right.
    But when I now open the main-application it says "Access denied for user 'sds'@'localhost' to database 'information_schema". As you see, i have configured the db-user 'sds'. The interesting part now is, when I re-run the database-configuration and change the user to "foobar" (we presume, that user exists), but the error stays the same ("Access denied for user 'sds'@'localhost' to database 'information_schema"), also when I change the db-server-domain -> still the same error.

    And now the strange part: On ugs-sds-sole everything works just fine. AND i can connect to all databases with an mysql-manager (heidisql).

    So I presume that there's something fouled up with the scriptcase-configuration, but I'm not sure.
    Has anybody an idea where the error might be? I hope you can help.

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    just be sure that you are not using % character in databases passwords, i had the same problem. i hope that help you


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      Hi. When you set the configuration, after a deploy, you put in the DB credentials, BUT you must also select the DB. If you pressed Test connection before selecting the actual database, the information_schema would be the default value, it would say it tested OK I believe... (in that case it is testing the connection to that schema). But then the information_schema is always there WITH your database... but it is NOT the database. Does that make sense? When you run your app, it will fail to connect to the database... so the error you get makes sense.

      Anyway, check that you do that last step and pull down to see and select the database name itself and not information_schema by default. Then press test.

      I just did a bunch of deployments and configurations and it is possible to miss that

      I hope that helps,