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  • Trying to create new database

    Hi This is first time for me to be here. I recently purchased the ScriptCase today. So, I need your help if possible... While I am learning the tutorial video, but I have problem with trying to create new database. I already looked at manual of ScriptCase, but it is not enough how to explain me to create new database.
    I am new for Scriptcase because I was very interesting in building the task/project management. I was planning to building the directory and classified website with database.
    Can you please explain me how to create the new database before I can start processing the new project on ScriptCase? Please just tell me in plain English.
    Thank you.

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    NEVER MIND! I got it. I overlooked the steps. I got new database by selecting the new project with sample.


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      Hi crwatson07,
      Welcome to the forum. I am a user like you, but have been programming in SC for several years. I am glad you figured out the DB part of it. I haven't played with the projects/samples in a long time, but I think they may use SQLLite databases? I am not sure. Anyway, your hosting service where you are going to run your project eventually should have a control panel where you can create new databases, such a MySQL. This works great when testing and playing around with SC on a local Windows install. It is a bit different when using a web hosting service.

      What I do to start a project on my hosting service is to create the following:
      1) A PHP or Static website/folder - this is where you will deploy to. There is where you will upload your files form your SC generated system (.PHP and others)
      2) A MySQL database. You should get the database name, user, and password - you will need this later.

      Once the empty database is created, you can use a tool like PHPMyAdmin or better yet, the database builder tool in SC. Both let you create tables and starter data for your app. When you deploy to the hosting webserver and run your generated system the first time, you will get a Production configuration screen that opens up instead of your app. You will need to log into it and create a password, as well as configure what you database credentials are. After you save this, your app will use the MySQL datanbase.

      When you are developing on a local machine, you might have a test database installed locally. However, when I was using a local SC for development, what I actually did was first connect mt laptop to my hosting service webserver using PUTTY and open an SSH tunnel. This let my laptop see all the databases I had on there as localhost databases, just like what the code sees when it runs on the webserver itself. This is why i was able to use the SC database builder to actually work directly on my MySQL databases on the Internet. It makes it very easy to deploy, as you know it will already work with your real databases.

      I now have SC actually installed on a webserver, the same machine where i deploy my test code itself, so I am able to use a SC Folder Deployment. It makes for a VERY fast development ccycle that way - better for me than the FTP or ZIP deployments I was using on my laptop.

      I am adding all this, so you can get a real feel for the ways you can work in SC. It is actually a very high productivity tool once you get a flow working for you. This forum is a good place to search for answers or ask new questions. Other users are the best source of help IMHO, since we use the SC features in real-world situations verses the SC developers who are programming it. SC is a good product Good luck!