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    Good afternoon,

    I created application A which connects to mySql database A. I then created application B which uses mySql database B. Both databases are on the same mySql server. Database B is being used much more frequently, so for simplicity's sake (backup / maintenance e.t.c), I copied the tables from database A over to database B so they could all be together.

    Then I edited the "database connection" in the Scriptcase Project that generated application A, to use database B instead. Testing application A from within Scriptcase AFTER this change is successful. So I deleted database A, and tested from within the Scriptcase project again, and it is successful....all good! So I deployed application A to the server to use database B.

    Only now when I try to use Application A, it errors out indicating it can't find database A (the old database). For kicks, I restored database A, and the application A works like a champ again.

    I've deployed many times and normally after deployment, when trying to access the application, I'm prompted for the database credentials. In the case above I'm not prompted at all, but then I don't use any sort of security since it's read-only (and only available on our Intranet). I'm not sure if this fact is related or not.

    I've searched the files looking for the spot where application A is still referencing database A (so I can change it manually) but I'm unable to locate it.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    On you deployment machine you need to go to the _lib to start up the administrator application. In production you have to change the connection too as development and production do not have any relationship.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Thanks Albert,

      I hadn't seen your response yet, and was returning with a success note. I upgraded to the latest version this morning, and re-deployed the application. This time after deployment, I was prompted for the database connection (yesterday I wasn't). Not sure if it was a cache issue or something in the latest release, but we're all set on this end.

      Thanks for the assistance as always! I hope you have a fantastic Holiday and all the best for the New Year!