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I need to connect to DB2 AS/400

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  • I need to connect to DB2 AS/400

    Hello everybody. Sorry for my english.
    Right now I'm testing Scriptcase to work in AS/400 DB2. Now I have a testing license adapted to connect to DB2. I have done all the instructions are in the following tutorial: But when I create my project in ScriptCase and I'm in the connecting section, income the parameters and test the connection, I receive the following error message:

    The connection failed because the name specified with the keyword DSN connection string is not found in the configuration files and db2cli.ini db2dsdriver.cfg. Data source name specified in the connection string: DSN.

    I do not know what else to do to make the connection to DB2.

    Please, if anyone has gone through this experience, write me to email

    Many Thanks. Regards.

    Raul Fernando Morales. Guatemala.

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    Hello Raul unfortunately I have to connect to DB2 for days that do tests but failed.
    I tried various versions of DLLs in my case php_ibm_db2.dll.

    I have the impression that the problem is the version of PHP that uses scriptcase.

    I have tried everything in the environment XAMP putting a more recent version of PHP (5.5.26) and hitting on a PHP script I am connected to the database.