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  • Display a specific ID

    I have an application form listing and I want to display only records that have a value in the table USER_ID 242 I try in every way, but I do not get the desired result.
    I've tried in the Fields -> Grid Lookup - id_requests with the command
    SELECT * id_requests
    FROM aml8c_sv_apptpro2_requests
    WHERE user_id = 242

    I USER_ID defined in different ways:
    WHERE user_id = '242 '
    WHERE user_id = "242"
    WHERE user_id = {"242"}
    WHERE user_id = {'242 '}

    but no command does not work. Could you please help me which command to write, I'll get the desired result.
    Thank you.
    I attach pictures.
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    I believe the problem is being caused due to your SELECT statement.

    SELECT * id_requests You should have a , there, or remove * or id_requests.

    Please try the following statement:

    SELECT *
    FROM aml8c_sv_apptpro2_requests
    WHERE user_id = 242

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Sorry, does not work.

      I do not understand what is wrong here.
      Error message: Query was empty

      Do you have any idea yet how to get the result you want?
      I want the end user to only input and editing USER_ID = 242



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        Display a specific ID

        OK, we'll find a solution.
        It is quite easy and simple.
        With the help of a friend I found out how to configure the form to get a desired result.
        I attach a picture. Maybe you'll ever need this advice for another.

        Thanks and best regards
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