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How to make the first record blank on a dropDown Selection List

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  • How to make the first record blank on a dropDown Selection List

    I have a form where a field is used as a "Select field" so that the user can make a selection from the list and update the database.

    The dropDown list always displays the very first value on the database therefore, if the record is updated but the "Select" field is "not changed" the record is updated using the very first value on the dropDown list which is incorrect.

    How can i make the first record on the list "blanks" instead of always displaying the very first record on the list so that if the "Select field" is never changed the database does not update the "Select field" with the first value. Do I have to check for sc_changed() ?? or is there a default value of blanks I can set on the DropDown list to begin with. ??? Thanks

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    It is not a nice solution and I would like to hear a solid answer too, but I useually add a space record for this purpose. It works, but again not nice.
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      I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can use something like "Please Select" with the actual value being blank in a select dropdown. This is easily done by selecting Yes to "Use Title" in the Lookup Section of the select field. Enter "Please Select" in the title and leave the "Title internal value" blank.
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        Thanks that was really helpful