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Display field based on another field selecttion

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  • Display field based on another field selecttion

    I am new to Scriptcase and I am trying to figure out how to display another field on a form that would be hidden until a particular radio button is selected. For instance, if I have a field where the is a radio button with two options, Yes and No. If someone selects NO then I want to display or un-hide another field on that form so that more information can be obtained. How can I accomplish this. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    In the initializing phase you can do that in the onload event. Create event -> php and enter the php code to show/hide the fields. See scriptcase macro's for that. Checking/unchecking events are the onclick. So when a user clicks on a radio button you can set an ajax event on the onclick and apply you php for the same thing. On the website of SC you can find a sample in the video's
    Albert Drent
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      Thank you very much Albert for your help. I was able to successfully create the event that i wanted. Scriptcase is a wonderful tool and I am glad i purchased it. I looked at several other RAD tools but Scriptcase is in my opinion the best. I am eager to continue to exploit the full potential of scriptcase.

      Paul de Vries