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[SOLVED] Set Global Variable or Session Variable from button

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  • [SOLVED] Set Global Variable or Session Variable from button

    I am getting back into SC after a few years away from it.
    Man did I know a lot more then than I do now.

    I have a form that has 4 buttons on it. They actually run the same grid, but I want to set a global or session variable when I click the button, so later in my scriptinit code of my grid I can adjust the "where" clause.

    Can I do that, or if so, how?

    It's probably something simple but it escapes me on how to do it at this point.

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    Sort of got it going but still having one issue.
    On the button which I have setup as php I put this code.
    $_SESSION['parm1'] = "closest";

    Then I can check this in my grid. That works, but when I go to my grid I get a blank screen that has a button that says "OK".
    This didn't come from me, so I need to find a way to get rid of that.

    Any ideas?


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      I advise you to use the standard SC way of using [global var]. You can declare them as session variable. To avoid the ok button you need to apply a sc_redir macro. Be aware that if you have pending updates you need to commit the update manually or the update will get lost.
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        Thanks, that worked.