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  • PHP Method Parameter

    How do I pass a parameter to a php method?

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    A php method is just a php method. Calling goes like any php function (and parameters). Can you be a bit more specific describing your problem? I'm affraid that I'm missing a point here,.
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      I see no way to define the input parameters for a PHP Method in ScriptCase. When I define the Method I am asked for a name, but see no were I can define the input to the function.


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        In the editor the first icon above your code ...
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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          Thank you. I should have seen that.


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            I was just about to say that the icons at the top of my editor are....

            "Fullscreen", "Search", "Replace" and "Help"

            ....when I went into another php method and noticed the "Attribute" icon . So I went into the first method again and surprise, surprise the "Attribute" icon was there.

            Now it's gone again, no wait, it's back!!!

            Any idea why the "Attribute" icon fails to show at times? I'm on sc v7.1.


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              Originally posted by Garfieldus View Post
              Any idea why the "Attribute" icon fails to show at times? I'm on sc v7.1.
              At least can anyone say that it happens to them also?