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Display Alert message from Editable Grid View

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  • Display Alert message from Editable Grid View

    I have some code that runs in the onBeforeUpdate event.

    If I have an error, then I can simply put:
    The message is displayed and the update canceled.

    Sometimes I just want to display a warning message, and continue with the update.
    sc_alert($warn_message); works if I have an Editable Grid, but it does NOT work if I have an Editable Grid View.

    I cannot use just sc_error_message($error_message); because even without the sc_error_exit(); the transaction is eventually canceled and the update does not occur.

    Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?


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    have you tried a simple echo $message; ?


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      Nina, Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that and it did not work either. When I monitor the return from the update request, I can see the messages in the information that is returned. But it is never displayed to the user. I suspect that either it is not being looked for, or the iframe is closed too quickly.


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        It's a 'real' work-around because it will require you to do it without popups. Create a variable on the screen wherever you want it named {errm} Set font specs to bold and red (i.e.). Clear this field in oninit, and set it on error. Since it will be in your header/footer I think you need to make the variable global and set it as default value.
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          Editable Grid View does the update via and iframe and ajax, so the page does not get refreshed. Putting it in the header won't work. But thanks for the idea. I suppose that I could put a custom field on each row, and set it when I do the update.... Seems a shame to go through all that work coding it when I can see the message get passed back from the application. Scriptcase just ignores it..