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text autocomplete: new entry?

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  • text autocomplete: new entry?

    is it possible to set up an autocomplete - field in which user can enter new values?
    i noticed that when a user enters something complete new, this new text is shown in the form, but the field - var is empty. also if it is a must-field, a message is shown that it maynot be empty.

    i use this field for entering new company-names. when entering the name, the user should see matching names which are allready in the database.

    when he selects one of the ajax-sugestions, field has this value. when her enters st new, it isnt saved.

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    Would be nice if this was possible. The generic SC way is to create a caption link to a grid which is able to perform the add new company when not found (grid has applicationlink to form). Another option is to add a 'add new company'button on the initial form.
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      so, it isnt possible

      thank you for your answer (again... you are great!)

      I use form / app / grid / new - way otherwhere. in this case it doesnt make sense - the user should enter new entrys there, an I wanted to use autocomplete to show right when entering if there is allready a company like this.
      the problem is, that the users arent reall accuarate when entering a new name. p.e. sometimes they enter "autohaus heike müller", sometimes they enter "autohaus heike müller gmbh" and sometime they enter "autohaus müller".
      autocomplete-showing up would be much easier than similar_text() or levenshtein()

      but anyway. thats my life this week :/


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        I am needing this same function. I started a support ticket for an answer; if I get some kind of workaround, I'll post it here.


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          well, another approach might be to create an ajax even onblur on this fields. THis means that whenever the cursor leaves the field the event is triggered. In this event you do a select using 'contains' on the value entered and check the result with the data entered. If necessary you can take the appropiate action, ii.e. to fill a pulldown. You could consider to add a searchfield to fill the detail field. Perhaps less nice, but it comes close I think.
          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
          scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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            Is there a nice solution for this problem. I think, autocomplete text with the future to do a new entry would be very nice....


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              I differ with you all, because the text autocomplete feature is not fully valid and in accordance with our wishes. Precisely this auto complete feature hamper our work

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                Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
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