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Select and Auto-complete text in the same field ?? Possible ?

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  • Select and Auto-complete text in the same field ?? Possible ?

    Hello all,
    It would be nice to have a select field (with active down arrow on right side as usual) and at the same time to have the possibility to write text with keyboard using the auto-complete text filter to reduce the list of select items .
    If you use the auto complete as standard text field you don't have the select field features.
    Perhaps there is a trick
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    Nobody has a kind of suggestion ???
    Just to say MsAccess has this possibility . You can write into a select field and it works as autotext search


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      I know what you mean but it's just that I guess HTML does not have any DOM element that can function as a text field and as a select field at the same time (do both functions simultaneously). MS Access is a Windows program and well, it's just different with a native win32 or win64 application.


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        This type of control would be very useful when you have a large select box (Dropdown) in order to narrow the results down when the user doesn't have an idea of the data. If they know what possible data should be in the field then the AutoComplete text does a great job.... but is only useful if the dont mind typing in values to see what resultset they get back.

        In an effort to suggest other currently available options.... you could create a "Capture" Link to a grid application with the possible values from the table where they are.

        This isn't as simple as the control you are asking for above... but does let the user see the values and search amongst them before selecting the one they want.
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          This guy has combined Bootstrap with JQuery to achieve what you describe... But I guess you would like Scriptcase to include this type of fields in the next version. Probably, the guys in Brazil are working in Next Gen Scriptcase.