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Hiding buttons on the second, third tab etc (page)

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  • Hiding buttons on the second, third tab etc (page)

    I made a form with 3 pages (3 tabs) and in every page a form.
    In the "main form" (the first page) there are the buttons new, update and exit.
    This buttons I want to hide when I switch to the second, third etc page/ tab, because the forms in the pages has there own buttons.
    I know how to hide buttons, but I have no event when moving to the second etc tab
    Is this possible?

    Regards Bert
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    I solved it myself.
    My concept was wrong.
    You should start with an "dummy-form" as a frame in which you donot have buttons etc.
    The buttons of the first page are not there and donot show of course when you switch to other tabs.

    Kind regards, Bert Steinebach