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CSS for Dynamic Search?

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  • CSS for Dynamic Search?

    Does anyone know where the CSS is controlled from for the dynamic search feature?

    Can't seem to find the right place that controls its text color, background color as well as the drop down when you click add fields?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Probably in Buttons CSS?

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      Hi, i found under Tools > CSS applications (Themes) go advanced > App Div ...(toolbar + selected fields)... it is the layout of the dynamic functionality that was added recently in sc8 like dynamic group by, dynamic search... etc

      didn't test it actually because this "dynamic" thing selecting fields never worked with me, moreover i have the "totalization" things keep appearing even it is set to "No" and can't be removed, so stopped using the group by and the summary just becasue of that.... TOTALIZATION... UH .. it is not in the dictionarly even