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Advanced search on a Form editable grid

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  • Advanced search on a Form editable grid

    Hi all,

    I need to have the same feature of Advanced Search (present as standard on grids) on a Form editable grid.
    Has nobody a brilliant idea ?
    I need to filter data displayed becouse they are so much and I have several categories and characterists to use as filter to reduce the selection.
    Dinamic Search in this part of SC can't save filters for research and so everytime you have to rebuilt your filter.

    I did a control accessible with a button where there are the key parameters to use as filter. Once selected and set I will use the global variables as selected fields but when I come back to my Form EG I don't know how filter data displayed. On SQL it's not possible add Where clauses becouse when the form Run it always give an empty screen.

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    I've got the same case, but seeing that this post is from 2014, I don't expect having an answer, isn't it?


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      Hi Remy, now using "Refined Search" on grid the situation is really much more better. You can filter by lot of field and users like it.